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Drainage Repairs

Drainage Repairs

There are several in-situ lining technologies in use today but the general principle is to introduce a tube made from a tough polyester type material tube into the old drain. The tube is collapsed and either pulled or air/water inverted and blown into the section to be repaired. High pressure air is then pumped in to the collapsed section to fully inflate it and ensure maximum contact with the original pipework. It is then cured which both hardens it and bonds to the inner wall of the original pipe sealing any breaks or leaks.
'No-Dig' technologies such as in-situ pipe lining involves minimal disruption to the property. Drain Services employs several of these different lining methods dependent on the on-site situation.

The various systems include:

  • Cold-Cure Polyester Lining - suitable for many situations and favoured by most insurers.
  • Warm/Hot Cure Polyester Lining is better suited to longer runs and has won the approval of the Water Research Council.
  • Flexi-Lining - as its name implies, employs a liner made from a very flexible material and is ideal where there are many bends and curves within the affected drain.
  • Epoxy Lining - actually creates a refurbished pipe within the existing drain. This repair system excels where there are many connections needing to be cut into the affected drain.

Lateral Cutting / Intrusion Removal:
Our cutters are specially designed to cut out lateral connections in relined pipework or to cut away intrusions into existing pipework. Using various cutting attachments , including diamond cutting heads which are specially selected according to the type of material being cut, we can cut through and remove virtually anything in pipe sizes up to 225mm.
This method is quicker, less disruptive and shows considerable cost savings over conventional removal methods which usually require excavation.


There are occasions where relining is not possible and there is no alternative repair solution other than an excavation drainage repair. Drain Services have teams fully equipped and experienced in all types of work where excavation drainage repairs or replacements are required.

Drain Services also have teams fully experienced in tunnel excavations. This type of repair is particularly suitable for situations where open excavation is not possible. ie. under buildings, etc or where an open excavation is uneconomical due to the depth of the pipework being repaired.

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